About C3

The administration of the C3 scheme involves 3 separate organisations:

  • the Alternative Technology Association (ATA);
  • the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group (MRSG); and
  • ACX Argyle Pty Ltd.

Who is the ATA?

Founded in 1980, the ATA is a national, not-for-profit organisation with over 5,000 members. ATA’s members are primarily residential water, energy and transport consumers. ATA also has a dedicated group of small business and Local Government members – all of whom have an interest in sustainable resource use and environmentally sensitive technology.

The ATA provides independent information, emerging technology products and advice services to our membership through the publication of our magazines – ReNew: Technology for a Sustainable Future (http://renew.org.au/) and Sanctuary: Modern Green Homes (http://www.sanctuarymagazine.org.au/).

Under C3, the ATA is responsible for the overall administration of the scheme. The ATA is responsible for the purchase of accredited GreenPower and carbon offset certificates from the provider; receiving and managing donations from end consumers; is the main contact point for consumer enquiry and is responsible for all associated reporting and related administration.

Who is MRSG?

MRSG is a non-profit organisation with no political affiliations. Its aim is to create and nurture sustainability by promoting local solutions and prosperity throughout the Macedon Ranges Shire.

Under C3, MRSG is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the scheme to national and local environmental groups, non-profit organisations and local communities. MRSG delivers live presentations to potentially interested groups, as well as reviewing and processing group applications for C3 engagement. MRSG also provides ongoing support to local ‘Community Agents’ including marketing and staff training.

Who is ACXargyle?

ACXargyle (ACX) is an accredited GreenPower provider and a provider of accredited carbon offsets that are eligible under the National Carbon Offset Standard. With its direct access to renewable energy and carbon offset markets, ACXargyle is the GreenPower and carbon offset certificate supplier to the ATA and ultimately, to the end consumer who engages with C3.

Under C3, ACX is responsible for the acquisition and surrender of GreenPower and carbon offset certificates, in line with customer donations made through the C3 website.

ACX is also responsible for providing the C3 website and calculator, and its customised ‘re-skinning”, to reflect the identity of the agent or community group who directs their members to C3.