Welcome to C3

We provide real renewable energy and carbon offsets to households and businesses that wish to neutralise their greenhouse emissions

Community Support

A percentage of every sale is donated to a local community host of your choosing, such as a local renewable energy association or a national environmental organisation


There are no contracts, no need to change your electricity provider


We tell you the price, how and where the energy is generated, and how many tonnes of greenhouse emissions you will offset

You get the credit

You receive a certificate as proof of payment to publicise your efforts and inspire others to follow your example

When you buy from C3

A percentage of every sale is donated to a local renewable energy association or national environmental organisation to help fight climate change.

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We do things right

C3 only buys 100% government-accredited GreenPower, plus carbon offsets accredited under the rigorous international Voluntary Carbon Standard.

Direct our funds to a local community

A percentage of your payment is donated to a community of your choosing.

Cheaper and Tax deductible

C3 is a national non-profit scheme with access to the wholesale market, so our products are tax deductible and cheap.

Have control over your investment in future technology

You get to decide from a range of clearly identified renewable energy generators, and where your money goes.